Oceani - Cataract Creek version
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2021-12-28 NeilBrownOceani - Cataract Creek version master
2021-12-22 NeilBrownoceani: don't let error in one statement hides errors...
2021-12-20 NeilBrownoceani: remove "and then" and "or else"
2021-12-19 NeilBrownoceani-tests: Add testing for --bracket printing.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: last fixes for UNTESTED for now.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: exercise more parsing options for blocks.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: test UNTESTED parsing of structures
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: remove all UNTESTED again.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: handle some more untested code.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: remove the last of the UNTESTED - for now.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: fix parsing of error in struct field.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: more test coverage
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: more test coverage.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: improve test coverage
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: use new slice syntax for argv argument.
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: add a 'length' operator
2021-12-18 NeilBrownoceani: add transparent AddressOf operator for function...
2021-12-17 NeilBrownoceani: assignment to a pointer can take an address.
2021-12-17 NeilBrownoceani: add type entry for new structs early.
2021-12-17 NeilBrownoceani: move the 'info:' report for assignments.
2021-12-17 NeilBrownoceani: propagate_type should return the found type...
2021-12-15 NeilBrownoceani: add tracking of rval vs lval
2021-12-14 NeilBrownoceani: discard Rnolabel
2021-12-13 NeilBrownoceani: change labels to look like enum values, not...
2021-12-11 NeilBrownoceani: allow field references on references.
2021-12-11 NeilBrownoceani: factor out field reference into per-type handler
2021-12-08 NeilBrownoceani: add reference type
2021-12-08 NeilBrownoceani: improve content in some error messages.
2021-12-08 NeilBrownoceani: introduce 'test' and 'choose' operators
2021-12-04 NeilBrownoceani: allow types to be used before declaration
2021-12-04 NeilBrownoceani: allow global constants to be used before declared.
2021-12-03 NeilBrownoceani: use more precision when printing numbers
2021-12-03 NeilBrownoceani - delay processing of global constants
2021-11-25 NeilBrownoceani: make anon types more formal
2021-11-23 NeilBrownoceani: support functions returning multiple values.
2021-11-20 NeilBrownparsergen: avoid creating extra line in code blocks.
2021-11-15 NeilBrownoceani: mark structure return from functions as not...
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add valgrind testing for 'special' tests
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani-tests: include failing test in valgrind testing
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani-tests: perform coverage test last.
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani: add simple return type
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani: remove some stray white-space
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani: fix parsing for function declaration parameters
2021-11-13 NeilBrownoceani: remove the need for 'then' in function declarat...
2021-11-12 NeilBrownoceani: Add functions
2021-11-09 NeilBrownmark-tested: don't fail if coverage is too low
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: free variables as soon as they go out of scope.
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: CloseParallel must mark anything not Pending...
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: add comments to var_block_close() and remove...
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: update min_depth promptly.
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: move var_block_close() calls to the code sectio...
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: fix up the while/do scope
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: simplify test in var_block_close.
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani-tests: continue to improve test coverage
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add some NOTEST markings.
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: add test for duplicate main functions
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: drop "program" in favour of "func"
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add test for declaring a CondScope variable
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add test for unknown field name.
2021-11-08 NeilBrownoceani: improve test coverage
2021-11-07 NeilBrownoceani-tests: make it possible to skip valgrind tests.
2021-11-07 NeilBrownocean: change program to receive argc and argv
2021-10-30 NeilBrownoceani: implement struct field initialisation properly.
2021-10-30 NeilBrownoceani: move ->prepare_type call (back) into val_alloc()
2021-10-30 NeilBrownoceani: handle variable-sized arrays better.
2021-10-12 NeilBrownoceani: fix a couple of issues
2021-10-02 NeilBrownoceani: drop parse_value method for types.
2021-10-02 NeilBrownocean: introduce prefix op for string->number conversion.
2021-03-10 NeilBrownoceani: updates for new approach to parsing indents.
2021-03-10 NeilBrownoceani: add missing space in usage message.
2021-03-05 NeilBrowntests: restore coverage testing.
2019-06-23 NeilBrownoceani: allow 'then' in simple if statements.
2019-06-16 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests with lots of blank lines.
2019-06-16 NeilBrownoceani: convert declarations to new approach to newlines
2019-06-09 NeilBrownoceani: labels only in 'use' statement.
2019-06-09 NeilBrownoceani: add more syntax error handling.
2019-06-05 NeilBrownoceani-tests: use LALR to check for conflicts.
2019-05-31 NeilBrownoceani: allow spaces in numbers.
2019-05-29 NeilBrownRemove excess blank lines
2019-05-26 NeilBrownparsergen - fix newline parsing (again)
2019-05-18 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests for str/bool command line args
2019-05-18 NeilBrownoceani: add structs
2019-05-18 NeilBrownoceani: fix merging of conditionally-scoped variables.
2019-05-18 NeilBrownoceani-tests: delay valgrind tests
2019-05-18 NeilBrownoceani-tests: test code that has been printed
2019-05-13 NeilBrownoceani: add the option for "const" sections
2019-05-13 NeilBrownoceani: allow list of declarations as top level structure
2019-05-11 NeilBrownoceani: mark code that doesn't need testing.
2019-05-10 NeilBrownoceani: fix valgrind-reported errors.
2019-05-09 NeilBrownoceani tests: check for conflicts.
2019-05-09 NeilBrownoceani: add conditional expression
2019-05-08 NeilBrownoceani: add "and then" and "or else"
2019-05-08 NeilBrownoceani-tests: assorted more tests.
2019-05-06 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests for various type errors.
2019-05-06 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests for various token-errors
2019-05-06 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests for error cases.
2019-05-05 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add tests for bad command line args.
2019-05-05 NeilBrownoceani-tests: add test suite.